Pan African Flag with Heru Falcon

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The True Story of how the "New" Pan African Flag with Heru Falcon came into existence!!!

This Flag was created as a starting point to put Heru "the Falcon" back in his rightful place in history as the FIRST bird to be deified not only by our African Ancestors...but in the WORLD!!!

Recently many of us in the community witness as the (SO-CALLED) "Arab" Libyan Rebels flew our U.N.I.A./Pan-African Flag as if it were their own…Well for every action there MUST be a reaction!!!


Through the years I've observed many flags with Birds on them…but I never knew the significances of it until I become aware of our Great Kemtic History…as soon as I saw the Arab Rebels with the U.N.I.A./Pan African Flag the Ancestor’s immediately spoke to me...that's how I know it was the Ancestors who guided me in creating the color scheme for Heru...I FIRST created the design in late June 2011!!!


(later the rebels would incorporate the Muslim crescent Moon into the flag)


By Incorporating Heru into this flag it makes it unmistakably clear that this Flag and these colors belong to the more Ancient Nile Valley Civilization/Kemetic people and fuses it with the more recent U.N.I.A./Pan African movement...but also that we're developing and revising the information GIVEN...and taking it back to our ORIGINAL spiritual teaching and information by enacting our own African Spiritual symbols and Gods!!!


WHY Incorporating Heru into the U.N.I.A./Pan African flag makes since... because it makes the Flag AFRICAN and TRADEMARK STRONG...Just like the crescent Moon gives the Muslim/Arab strength and the cross gives Christian/European strength...the Ancient symbols of our Nile Valley/Kemetic Ancestor will give us strength!!!



Through Education and imagery WE can raise Heru back to the Father as well as raise the awareness of our people!!!Supporting Pan African Designs!!!



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