Men's Black and Red Heru Letterman Jacket

Men's Black and Red Heru Letterman Jacket

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Men's Classic Style Heru Letterman's Jacket...sold exclusively online at Pan African Designs!!! Introducing our Genuine Wool and Leather Heru Letterman's Jacket... Pre-Order your Heru Letterman Jacket "NOW" we will only be releasing a "LIMITED" 12 jackets this winter "2017" with plans to go into FULL Production the Fall of 2018... Jacket Body:100% (Black) Wool, Pockets:100% Genuine (Red) Letter, Buttons:Red, Sleeves:100% Genuine (Red) Leather, Knitted Neck,Wrist and waistline: Base Solid Black with Red and Green Stripes, Quilted Lining:For extra installation, Inside Left Pocket:1, Patches:1 (Left Front) 100% embroidered Falcon patch, (Back) 1 Extra Large chenille/embroidery mix Falcon patch, Expected Turn around 1 month...

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